When Safety Matters

XSTC Decentralized Blockchain

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XSTC Cryptocurrency

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With an average transaction speed of mere seconds XSTC has a solid market position.

safe decentralized blockchain


Safety plays a key role in this decentralized blockchain. Developing secure XSTC is a priority within our specialized team.

reliable community


By combining forces, a fundamental project aspiration is to empower continued progress through a trustworthy, dedicated community.

freelancer escrow concept


Our concept whitepaper will describe how escrow functionality will be designed and built within our eventual freelancer platform Gronzo.com

XSTC is a decentralized P2P exchange network and medium, cryptocurrency

How do we operate?

XSTC is a decentralized P2P exchange network and medium, one without a centralized management or issuer. XSTC advocates privacy and anonymity of operations without intermediaries and official regulators.

The value of Safe Trade Coin is formed solely by the demand and supply in the free market. By developing our currency and by expanding our community, we focus on the ability to create continued growth.

We recognize the endless possibilities of blockchain technology and therefore, possess the ambition to develop our own platform similar to bitcoin prime, a Bitcoin automated trading application that requires no manual intervention and much of your time. . XSTC will be fully integrated and have an important user purpose. In addition to the Safe Trade Coin community, a differentiated escrow platform is indispensable.

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Community-driven project

whitepaper xstc

In the upcoming period towards the presentation and optimization of the whitepaper, it's essential for the community to cooperate and bundle creative forces.

efficient digtial currency

We strive for the ultimate commitment; the success of a community-driven project depends on a pragmatic and efficient approach.

contribute, programming depository updates

We acknowledge the importance of contributors, especially those with exceptional programming and design skills. Depository updates regarding the code of our digital currency are highly appreciated.

Platform Development

Platform Development

Adding value to the project is our true ambition. In our vision, it is crucial to develop a platform that supports Safe Trade Coin while also allowing it to flourish. 2019 gives us the opportunity to be successful.

Escrow is a financial arrangement between two parties, where a third party mediates & controls the transaction with security and safety as key. Initially, the buyer and seller need to sign an agreement. The transactions will be completed only after the requirements have been met.

In the future, our platform will function for several purposes: domain name transactions, graphics & design, writing & translations, video & animation, programming and other business related services. Automated trading is also booming in the cryptocurrency world which is also a part of our future plans; visit https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-loophole/ to learn more. We will work with standard agreements adjustable to the needs of the customers.

Road Map

Project Revival Initiated, crypto enthusiasts
2018 Q1
Project Revival Initiated

Safe Trade Coin has been picked up by several crypto enthusiasts - time to move forward. First beta website was launched and new block explorer had been setup.

future of XSTC, project improvement
2018 Q2
Project Improvements

Several brainstorming sessions took place regarding the future use of XSTC. The first stage of the beta 2.0 website has been finalized. Preparation of Whitepaper Escrow platform started.

Background Developments
2018 Q3
Background Developments

Content improvement analysis and XSTC wallet updates pre-coded. Website translations assembled. Concept Whitepaper release postponed.

Final Whitepaper & Preparation Platform Development
2018 Q4 - 2019 Q1
Final Whitepaper & Preparation Platform Development

Final whitepaper release and mobile wallets (Android / iOS) in full development. Partnership opportunities will be considered and investigated. Hash engineers who are willing to contribute are very welcome for several tasks and solutions. See below contact details for interested parties.

Platform Development & Testing
2019 Q2 & Q3
Platform Development & Testing

The envisioned freelancer escrow platform will take shape. Programmers and end users closely interact to ensure a stable & secure environment, resulting in an outstanding user experience.

Platform Beta Launch
2019 Q4
Platform Beta Launch

During this phase, a foundation and limited company will be created under EU-regulations. Worldwide online stream of the official platform presentation for end users and investors, date will follow.

Continuous progress
Continuous progress

Fulfilling all necessary legal requirements, optimizing platform.

Coin Features


Very generous staking reward of 25% annually.

Circulating Supply

326.829.322 XSTC

Maximum Supply

840.000.000 XSTC

Confirmation Speed

2 blocks

Frequently Asked Questions

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